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Paul & QuiLi
14th December 2011 - 0 comments
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Congratulations to Paul and QuiLi on their wedding yesterday! Here are a few photos from the pre-wedding shoot. Thank you both!

Frankie Williams
13th December 2011 - 0 comments
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Here's a selection of photos from a shoot I had with Frankie Williams, actress and comedian. Follow Frankie on her Facebook page.
Thanks Frankie!

Greta Isaac
02nd November 2011 - 0 comments
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So, back to my very neglected blog. Here is a selection of my favourite photos from a photoshoot with the amazingly talented singer-songwriter Greta Isaac. Diolch Greta!

The benefits of a (mad) makeup artist...
26th August 2011 - 0 comments
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Ok let me start by saying that I've known Julie Fox Pritchard for a long time (I think the first time we worked together was on Pam Fi, Duw? - about 13 years ago) and I've never been the same since. Julie is mad as a hatter. But she is also a makeup artist. A very, very good makeup artist. BBC-trained and BAFTA-nominated, having her with me during my shoots takes a load off my mind as I know that the person that I'm photographing will look fantastic, and that it'll take a big blunder on my part for them to look otherwise. Seriously, if you're looking to have headshots or portraits taken and if your budget can stretch to it, you really should consider getting a makeup artist involved. And that includes you men. As well as doing makeup for film and tv, Julie runs her own makeup and makeover business; take a look at her website at the following address:

The person I was photographing this day was Lucy Andrews, and what a brilliant shoot it was. Lucy wanted actors' headshots and also presenters' headshots. She also included a creative portrait session in the shoot, for those more edgy, alternative photos. Lucy was so professional, throwing herself into the session and taking direction extremely well. The range of looks was tremendous, and the variety of hairstyles that Julie came up with really helped achieve these. Here are some of my favourites from the shoot. Diolch Julie and Lucy!

Lauren Bennett
02nd August 2011 - 0 comments
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Most actors hate having their headshots done. So much so that if an actor tells me that they actually enjoy having their photo taken I'm quite surprised! I know Lauren from working with her on the National Youth Theatre of Wales in 2009 and she really wasn't looking forward to the headshot session! The shoot was great though, and we got loads of different looks both in the studio and outside (in spite of heavy winds!). Thanks Lauren.

Rebecca Harries
29th June 2011 - 0 comments
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I'd been looking forward to this shoot since Rebecca booked with me. Sometimes you just get a good feeling about something... I knew Rebecca had a terrific range as an actress (I don't suppose you can find characters as different from each other as Sali Mali is from Des in BBC's Belonging!) so i was excited about getting loads of different looks, especially as she had decided to include a creative portrait session with her actor's headshots. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph Rebecca. Here are a few photos from the shoot. Diolch Rebecca!

Emma Prior
15th June 2011 - 0 comments
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I'm always glad when an actor decides to include a creative portrait session with their actor headshot photoshoot. It gives them the opportunity to get different looks from the usual actors headshots, and it gives me the chance to be a bit more creative and try something new. Once the headshots had been covered Emma and i decided to go for a low key look for the portraits, with mood and lighting to complement this. Thanks Emma!

Victoria John
08th June 2011 - 0 comments
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I often find it more challenging to photograph friends than I do strangers. As I'm familiar with the personalities of my friends the session can easily be clouded by that familiarity and by my perception of them. Strangers on the other hand present a blank canvas and it's easier to depict them in a range of ways as I get to know them during the session. This actor headshot session with my good friend Victoria John was an exception to the rule though. Yes it took a bit longer than most sessions as we were talking more than I was shooting(!), but I was really pleased with the range of looks we got out of the session. Thanks V!

Victoria is the founder of Velvet Ensemble, a theatre company that develops and produces "thought provoking, accessible theatre with the focus on telling women's stories."

Darragh Mortell
09th May 2011 - 0 comments
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Darragh Mortell, star of The Story of Tracy Beaker and Dani's House. Thanks for a great shoot Darragh!

Gwydion Rhys
02nd May 2011 - 0 comments
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I'm not very good at keeping up with this blog malarkey... I now have a huge backlog of shoots to blog! Here are some of the photos from a great session with Gwydion Rhys. Looking forward to the second half of the shoot later on in the year. Diolch Gwydion!

Carys Davies
08th March 2011 - 0 comments
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A few shots from the session with presenter and singer Carys Davies. Carys sings with the excellent The Swing Sound - take a look at their website at, or 'like' their Facebook page. Diolch Carys!

Harry Ferrier
27th February 2011 - 0 comments
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Here are some shots from a great shoot with actor Harry Ferrier who starred in one of my favourite BBC drama series from last year - The Silence.

Gareth Nash
30th January 2011 - 0 comments
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Here's a selection of photos from the recent session with actor Gareth Nash who appears in the new S4C drama series Alys. Alys is broadcast Sundays at 21:00 and repeated at 22:00 on Tuesdays.