Actor Headshots

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An actor’s headshot session typically lasts between one and two hours and includes both a session outside in natural light (weather permitting) and a session in my studio. The outside photos are in black and white and those taken in the studio are in colour. Headshots in the UK are beginning to shift towards the US model of colour; by having photos in both colour and black and white you will have the broadest range of looks for your portfolio.

You are very welcome to extend the shoot to include a creative portrait session (price below) where we will work together on different themes and styles. The photos that we get out of this session can be for your own pleasure, or can be used for your actor portfolio, to show you in a different light. For examples of the portraiture that I offer please visit the Portrait section in the gallery.

As an actor myself who has had quite a few headshot sessions over the years I know what agents and casting directors are looking for. Impact is essential, and having a wide range of looks is vitally important especially since you can now upload as many photos as you want to your Spotlight profile. The times when an actor’s headshot was a ‘one size fits all’ are gone – being able to tailor your headshots for different roles is a big advantage, and we will work together during the shoot to develop these looks and get the best out of you. The shoot isn’t rushed – there’s plenty of time for a chat and a coffee.

What to wear:
To aid the different looks I ask actors to bring a variety of tops to the shoot. Necklines have a great bearing on a headshot, so having a selection is always useful. V-necked or round-necked t-shirts are good, as are shirts. To achieve a look that suggests a period role I ask women to bring a top that reflects this (such as a halter-neck or a neckline with frills). Whichever tops you decide to bring the best colours are dark (or black), with no distracting patterns. Please avoid white. If, however, you have tops that you would really like to be photographed in by all means bring them along and we’ll include them at the end of the shoot.

What is included:
There is no real limit to the number of shots taken, but you will typically have a choice from approximately 120 photos. These will be uploaded to the Client Portfolios section of this website within a week of the shoot, and you will be issued with a password so that only you and those you give the password to can see them.

4 photos are included in the price, as hard copies and as digital files on cd. Also included on the cd are thumbnails of all of the photos from the shoot for your reference should you wish to order more in the future. If you would like any photos in addition to the 4 included these can be purchased as hard copies and digital files or as digital files only. The photos are taken in colour and then converted to b&w (whe applicable) so that as much digital information as possible is collected.

Once you have chosen your photos simply send me an email quoting their file numbers and the prints and cd will normally be with you within a week.

I strongly recommend that you order any reprints that you require through me, rather than have them printed at a high street lab or (worse!) a supermarket. It may cost you a little more (actual cost depends on the number of reprints that you require), but you will definitely notice the difference in quality! I print to the highest standard on a professional-grade printer and inspect each print before handing them over to you.

More information on getting the best out of your actors headshot session can be found on my blog post by clicking HERE.

Session cost: £250 (students £230); with additional creative session: £310; with makeup artist: an additional £80.