From the moment I walked into Geraint’s studio I felt totally relaxed. His friendly and calming personality put me totally at ease. The photo session went so smoothly, Geraint was so focused and he managed to bring out the best in me and definitely met my requirements. Every single photo told its own unique story. I am so pleased with my pictures, he is a very talented photographer and I would gladly recommend Geraint.
Lowri Sion

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on my head shots. I am so pleased with them, you have been outstanding from start to finish and have put so much care into getting the result that you and I are happy with. I usually hate having head shots done and you made it easy, relaxed and even enjoyable!
Kama Roberts

I recently had my first ever headshots taken by Geraint and a daunting and nervous experience soon turned into an amazing photo session as Geraint, who is a friendly, professional and above all, a talented photographer made me feel comfortable, relaxed and completely at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed my headshot session and I'm extremely satisfied with the result. I would highly recommend Geraint and I can certainly confirm that should I ever need my photos taken again in the future, I will definitely be knocking on his door! Diolch i ti Geraint.
Lucy Hannah

Having been told that the headshot is the most important part of an actors CV, I dreaded the thought of having new headshots taken. As soon as I met Geraint, I knew that I could trust his expertise behind the camera. Working with Geraint was a pleasure, boundless enthusiasm and understanding to encourage the best out of you was what took me by surprise. Very relaxing atmosphere and no pressure to get the shots done. A great eye for detail for every shot, I had a fantastic time working on what are the best photographs I've had taken. I could not be happier and I would highly recommend Geraint to anybody looking for some new headshots. Diolch yn fawr iawn Geraint!!!
Tom Powell

Having my photo taken isn’t normally a problem for me. After all, if I’m not happy with the picture taken, I can always delete it off my camera, so that it may never be seen again! A headshot session is a totally different kettle of fish, because you’re not the one in charge of the camera! Total faith in the photographer is essential, and I had that in abundance in Geraint’s company. Enthusiasm oozed out of every pore in his body, and his passion towards the shoot ensured I felt totally at ease whilst having my photo taken. This is clear to see in the finished portfolio. Diolch yn fawr iawn i ti Geraint!
Lynwen Haf Roberts

I was convinced that, as the end product would essentially be my face in high definition, nothing good could possibly come of my first professional headshot shoot! But I wasn't to know that Geraint Todd would be the most tactful, reassuring and hugely talented man to work with, who not only set up and captured some fantastic shots but who made a phenomenal cuppa and held great conversation in the process! It was a fantastic experience and lots of fun. I would highly recommend Geraint to anyone and everyone, including you.
Pascalle Rowland

Although I haven't been in the industry long, I have quickly found out that headshots are not one my favourite things! Trying to get the right look, and show versatility is quite a task; but Geraint made it fun! He gave very clear, detailed directions, encouraged me to experiment, and made me feel totally at ease in front of the camera. A highly talented photographer and a wonderfully relaxed enviroment, a session with Geraint is worth every penny! Diolch Geraint.
Siriol Tesni

As an actor who doesn't relish the prospect of new headshots, I feel so glad to have found Geraint. The session was relaxed but focused. The session was filled with laughter and I am utterly thrilled with the results. Without doubt the best headshots I've had yet!
Victoria John

I never really look forward to having my head shots taken, because I know so much depends on their outcome...this time, though, I had the best time! Geraint has the wonderful gift of making people feel immediately at ease in his company and when you couple that with his calm, clear direction and his amazing photography you know you’re going to have a rewarding session. I kept hoping that my photos would be as good as the time I’d had whilst taking them, and they were! So good I had the greatest difficulty choosing one, but Geraint helped there, too, with his shortlist suggestions. Geraint offers the total package for actors, because, as an actor himself, he knows what we need. I can’t wait to have my pictures taken by him again! Diolch Geraint.
Rebecca Harries

After 24 years in the business this was by far the most relaxed and productive photoshoot I have ever experienced - Geraint gave clear and precise directions throughout the shoot and I certainly didn't feel rushed or under pressure at any time. I feel that as an actor himself, he instinctively knows what makes a good headshot and will work with you to achieve that at every stage. A thoroughly enjoyable morning, the best cup of coffee I've had in ages and an amazing set of photographs - result!!
Ri Richards

Personally, the thought of having to stand in front of a camera whilst trying to catch the right look for a sincere actors headshot has always been daunting. Geraint though, as an actor himself, understood how to create an environment where I could just relax and actually enjoy the shoot itself.
He offered constant and various suggestions on character shots, and did so with a total sense of ease which helped me a lot.
Gwydion Rhys

As an actor, your headshot is your passport into a job. You need to look comfortable and this can only be achieved if you have a talented photographer to work with. Geraint has talent in abundance and never once did I feel uncomfortable due to his encouraging words and creative ideas.
Darragh Mortell

I hate having my photograph taken, and Geraint Todd is the first photographer in my 14 year career, to have made me feel truly comfortable. He has plenty of time, and ample guidance to offer. The only difficulty, was deciding which photo to choose, as there were a dozen I was truly happy with. He offers a relaxed atmosphere and a great eye to capture all the aspects of your character, giving you plenty of choice.
Diolch Geraint.xx
Mali Harries

From the moment i set foot in the studio Geraint totally put me at ease by taking his time to get to know me over a cup of coffee, which is so important with the sort of character you'd like to portray in your finished product. If you're after pictures for an actor, presenter or singers portfolio Geraint had some brilliant new ideas that were an ideal combination with his talent of working the camera and lighting. His work is totally unique to any other photographer as he takes his time to find the perfect shot. An amazing experience and I can't emphasise how easy he was to work with!
Carys Davies

From the moment you arrive, Geraint puts you at ease. As Geraint puts no time limit on the shoot, nothing is rushed and there is plenty of time to try out different looks and styles. Geraint gives great direction throughout the shoot and is more than happy to offer advice on which are his favourites once they are ready to view on the website. I would recomend Geraint to anyone who is looking for great headshots.
Gareth Nash

Geraint provides the whole package; a seamless professional service, creative eye for detail and - most importantly - awesome photos. I had a great time during the shoot and the subsequent uploading/printing of my headshots was completed quickly and efficiently. Very happy with the experience as a whole.
Rob Evans

A great session with Geraint, really comfortable and good fun. It was great to work with a photographer who is coming at things from the actors point of view and who is all about getting the best shot for you. A completely painless session with results I'm really happy with! I recommend to all!
Paddy Wallace

Geraint's work speaks for itself really! But it has to be said that I thoroughly enjoyed my headshot session and am very happy with the finished product. He always has time for you and makes sure you're at total ease before getting in front of camera. He works really hard in getting the best possible shots, and as an actor himself, he knows exactly what is needed for C.V's etc. and is more than happy to offer advice on which photographs work best.
Sion Ifan

Geraint makes the whole process relaxed and friendly. He is very professional and seems genuinely interested in getting the best photographs possible for his clients. He goes out of his way to fit people in to his busy schedule and get hard copies returned. Geraint was also more than willing to offer advice on choosing the best and most effective photographs for actor headshots. The whole experience was first class and I have recommended him to all my friends.
Louise Haggerty

Very talented photographer, very nice person, puts you at ease in the shoot and produces quality photographs. Would definately recommend him.
Sarah Madison

Geraint gave me an amazing photoshoot. He made me feel 100% at ease and comfortable before and during the shoot. He gave me great direction, spent time on every shot, and in the end we ended up with a lot of fantastic photos. The shoot was fun, very laid back, but also professional. He got to know me before the shoot, which meant he knew exactly how to direct the shoot. I can't recommend him enough.
Gavin Sims

Totally comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable, which is a very rare thing in today's world of professional photography!! You will not find a more considerate and tactful photographer, nor one who tries so hard for excellence in all his work and for your complete satisfaction with the shoot. Also a total life-saver in that he'll bend over backwards to make sure he can fit you in when you need it most! Thanks Geraint.
Rosemary Lippard

Geraint is one of the best photographers that I have worked with over the last 10 years as an actress. I cannot recommend him highly enough. From our first meeting through to the photo shoot and all the way to receiving the end product Geraint was very friendly, relaxed, open to ideas, creative, versatile, extremely professional and I cannot wait to work with him again.
Kate Jarman

All actors want shots that look incredible - and prices that are equally as appealing! Geraint managed to deliver on both counts but what made the session stand out for me was the superb relaxed atmosphere to put me at ease (with a gorgeous cup of coffee!) not feeling pressurised and, perhaps more importantly, the terminology used that an actor can understand. Clear, simple directives that can help actors achieve a look or mood based on characters and scenarios. Did I mention that I really liked the shots?!
Ioan Hefin

Geraint is relaxed, friendly, professional and encouraging. He cares about capturing a great end result for his artists. I trust Geraint. His guidance and enthusiasm from behind the lens are second to none.
Lauren Phillips

Being an Actor and Tv presenter ive been in numerous photoshoots over the last 6 years and some shoots with very high budgets, but Geraints shoot was the most comfortable and relaxed ive ever been in what can be an intimidating environment.

He took time to see what i wanted and was happy to explore my ideas with his. Sometimes he would take my ideas and sometimes we would go with his. An absolute great shoot. With no doubt ill be back for more when needed.
Geraint Hardy

A photo session with Geraint Todd is always fun, easy going and professional. He puts you at ease straight away, and takes the time to get to know you, and what you are looking for from your session, which is always half the battle when having actor's headshots done. I always highly recommend him to fellow actors as you manage to get everything you want out of the session, in a very comfortable enviroment.
Catherine Ayers

Geraint, I am so pleased with my photographs. There was such a variation, it was hard to choose between them! Diolch x
Emily Evans

The most relaxed and enjoyable photoshoot I've ever had. You put me completely at ease and brought out the best in me. Thank you so much.
David Lyndon

After meeting with several photographers we decided on Geraint Todd due to his modern approach to photography. Geraint really listened to what we wanted.

Geraint photographed 6 children under the age of 13 which was a challenge in
itself! On the day the children felt relaxed, Geraint put us at ease and we enjoyed getting our photographs taken. He was unobtrusive and extremely professional. He took a great range of photographs and we had such a choice for our album. Geraint also took family posed photos and superb contemporary photos of the children. Geraint's professionalism on the day ensured all the photos we asked for were captured.

Thank you so much
Michelle and Sharon